How Noloco Doubled Its Annual Recurring Revenue and Partner Count with a Strategic Partner Approach


Noloco, a no-code platform, partners with Frontline Guru to establish and enhance their partner program. This collaboration involved conducting market and competitor analyses and crafting a strategic partner program plan. As a result, Noloco successfully doubled its partner annual recurring revenue and partner count, showcasing the effectiveness of a well-executed partner strategy.

2x Partner ARR Growth

2x Partner Count Growth


Noloco is a pioneering no-code platform dedicated to transforming business data into custom, interactive web applications. This innovative solution allows businesses to connect data sources like Airtable and Google Sheets, automating workflows and streamlining operations effortlessly. Founded by an ambitious team from Ireland and backed by Y Combinator, Noloco's mission is to democratise app development. Their powerful and flexible platform helps businesses securely share data, enhancing team efficiency, customer interactions, and internal processes.

The Problem

Noloco sought new opportunities and channels to achieve significant growth and continue its previous success. To accomplish this, they needed a partner who could provide a comprehensive understanding of market trends, challenges, and competitor behaviour. This knowledge was crucial to uncovering potential opportunities that could significantly increase their revenue. Noloco required expert insights to navigate their market effectively and strategically position themselves for sustained growth.

The contribution was instrumental in shaping our Partner strategy and identifying effective channels for acquiring new partners. Frontline Guru consistently delivered work of exceptional quality—the research was not only thorough but also presented with remarkable clarity.

Darragh Mc Kay

Founder and CEO

Our Solution

Frontline Guru undertook an exhaustive market and competitor analysis for Noloco, meticulously addressing several critical areas to provide a holistic understanding of the market dynamics and competitive landscape.

  1. Market Research: This involved identifying key trends, customer preferences, and market needs to establish a comprehensive understanding of the current market environment.
  2. Competitor Analysis: A thorough evaluation of competitors' strengths, weaknesses, strategies, and market positions was conducted to uncover areas where Noloco could gain a competitive edge.
  3. Partner Strategy Development: A detailed partner strategy was crafted to expand Noloco’s reach and foster collaboration with potential partners, ensuring sustainable growth and enhanced market presence.


  1. Initial Consultation: In-depth discussions were held with Noloco's leadership team to gain a deep understanding of their specific objectives, challenges, and overall vision for the future.
  2. Data Collection: Various advanced tools and methodologies were employed to gather extensive data on market trends and competitors, ensuring that the analysis was data-driven and comprehensive.
  3. Analysis: Conducting several analyses and other strategic assessments, Frontline Guru meticulously identified Noloco's current market position and potential opportunities for growth.
  4. Strategy Formulation: Based on the insights gained, a robust partner strategy was developed. This included identifying potential partners, formulating effective collaboration models, and designing engagement tactics that would drive growth and enhance Noloco's market positioning.


The market and competitor analysis conducted by Frontline Guru yielded significant outcomes for Noloco. By leveraging detailed insights into market trends and competitor behaviours, Noloco strategically enhanced its market position and identified new opportunities. Implementing the partner strategy resulted in a doubling of Noloco’s annual recurring revenue through partners and partner count.

This strategy enabled Noloco to expand its reach and forge collaborations with new partners, thereby boosting their market presence. The growth in revenue and partner network validated the strategy’s effectiveness and provided a solid foundation for future success.

Furthermore, the enhanced understanding of market dynamics and competition allowed Noloco to make informed decisions, adapting effectively to the competitive landscape. The partnership with Frontline Guru delivered immediate financial and strategic benefits, positioning Noloco for sustained long-term growth and innovation.

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